Vlad Vardanian

vlad vardanian in front of his gas station

Vlad Vardanian

I was born in Armenia and was deployed early in life as a military tank mechanic. My dream was to someday immigrate to the U.S. and start my own small business, but there were very limited opportunities to do so.

I finally arrived in Los Angeles in 1990 with just the clothes on my back and a pocket of loose change, and was given that lucky opportunity to chase the American Dream. I found work as a mechanic in a small shop that was connected to an Arco Gas station. After a handful of years of hard work and dedication to my profession, the owner wanted to sell the shop and asked if I wanted to step up to the business-owning plate. He knew that I did not have the money to purchase the shop, but I was able to negotiate a seller carry note and promised to pay back the seller as soon as I could. With a little bit of time and a lot of hard work, I was able to successfully pay it off.

Without the assistance of the SBA 7(a) loan program, I would not have achieved this level of success.

vlad vardanian
Vlad Vardanian

After more time and a whole lot more hard work, I purchased the first of about a dozen gas stations I now own in the Los Angeles area by financing SBA loans from the team at Commercial Bank of California.

I was first introduced to Justin Moon while he was at the State Bank of India back in 2015, then we met again in 2016 at Commercial Bank of California and discussed another gas station pursuit under CBC’s SBA program.

With Justin’s expert assistance, I was able to refinance my outstanding SBA loans from a variety of banks with commercial loans as I increased the performance and market value of each location. Without the assistance of the SBA 7(a) loan program and CBC’s partnership, I would not have achieved this level of success.

I have had a close relationship with Justin that began soon after we were first introduced. We always joke that we are both the other’s advisors – him as my financial advisor and me as his premier gas station advisor. We have the definition of an incredible partnership, and this is a partnership that wouldn’t have been possible without CBC.

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