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Nick Swenson

Chao and I met at MIT. We started Swenson He in 2014 to address a need in technology. For several years there had been a big push to send software development work overseas. But the final products were found to be insufficient and not suited for the ultimate needs of the consumer.

A bank that grows as we grow, and puts our business first

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Nick Swenson
Partner, Swenson He

At Swenson He, we keep all the work here – it is never sent out, not overseas or anywhere. We consistently think through a lens of high quality, and that is why we have had exponential growth year over year.

As a young business, we thought all we needed was a bank for our deposits so we opened an account with a bank for some basic banking needs. As we continued to grow, we were not happy with the minimal service we were receiving, and we were quickly realizing that quality customer service is one of the most important benefits to our business that a bank could offer.

Then we met Rick Mateus with the Commercial Bank of California. Rick offers a personal touch in dealing with our business. He talks to us like humans, makes himself available whenever needed, and keeps our business interests top-of-mind. Rick is an invaluable business partner, providing creative solutions for business and always thinking ahead with us to help our business continue to grow.

A few weeks ago, I went to the bank to make a large deposit. When I arrived, I discovered that someone had driven through the wall of the bank. At that moment, I thought I would not be able to make my deposit and therefore not be able to meet my business’ financial obligations. I called Rick, and he helped me overlook the fact that he had no office and no walls. He took care of me like it was business as usual and found a way to get my deposit taken care of and into my account. If Swenson He’s accounts had been held up that day, our business would have surely suffered. 

Rick has taken the time to get to know me and my business. Through my relationship with the Commercial Bank of California, my business partner and I have the highest level of confidence that no matter what our future holds, we have a bank that can handle our business needs quickly and with integrity.

Learn more about the ways Swenson He helps companies build sophisticated and robust mobile apps here: http://www.swensonhe.com

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