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Irma Vargas
RST and Associates

RST and Associates is a property management company that services both residential and commercial clients. Over the past three decades, RST has grown from 70 to 285 buildings and 600 to 3,000 units under management. 

We started working with Dick Lawrence in the mid 90’s. I met Dick when we served together on the Chamber of Commerce Board. At the time I was with another bank that was not very service oriented and was not able to meet my company’s specific needs. I spoke to Dick about my issues and told him what I needed to achieve. In true Dick fashion, he said he could absolutely accommodate us, and he did. As banks merged or were acquired over the years, we always followed Dick because he would tell me personally about the upcoming change, assure me that our banking relationship would improve, and he would always deliver. When CBC and National Bank of California merged, Dick told me not to worry, that services would only expand, and that I would be even happier with the new banking relationship. This has absolutely proven to be true. 

CBC’s team in Santa Monica - Rick Mateus, Chanthan, Carol, and Cecilia -  treat us like we are a Fortune 500 company. When I call, they take me seriously and do everything to accommodate my needs. As an example, I called one of the team members the other day regarding a potential problem with a new wire account for an RST customer. The CBC team listened to my need and, in one simple phone call, resolved the issue without my customer being impacted. 

Similarly, as a growing real estate company in a cyclical business, we need to be able to pay our customers on the first of each month. Because many banks impose daily transaction limits, we used to have to stagger our customer payments. When we met with CBC about this issue, they customized their services to our specific need. Now we can send each of our customers their monthly draw on the first of the month. This timely service gives us an edge to ensure our customers are happy and stay with us.  

The team at CBC - from the President of the bank to the local banking professionals - offers personal service by engaging with its clients. CBC listens to us and helps us evolve where our business needs to go. 


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