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John Warfel
Metropolitan Pacific Real Estate Group

I have been in Santa Monica for over 30 years. I started out as a fledging real estate business. It quickly became obvious that I needed a bank, but not just any bank. I wanted a bank that valued relationships and would get to know me.

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John Warfel
President/CEO,  Metropolitan Pacific Real Estate Group

I met Dick Lawrence at that time, and he has been my banker for 15 years, maybe longer. Since then, my business has grown from a small real estate investment company to a local boutique development firm that handles mid- to large-sized projects exclusively in the Los Angeles area.

When I look back, we have always needed a local banking relationship for their services, such as short-term lending needs. The Commercial Bank of California has changed with the times and come out strong, and so have we. I guess you could say we just keep growing with them.

One thing I really like about Dick Lawrence is how he supports my business beyond the bank. Dick attends local meetings to offer support for our business in the community, many of which are on his own time. He is a believer in what’s good for business is good for the community and has truly gone above and beyond being a banker to being a trusted business advisor.

Additionally, as banking technology changed, there were opportunities for the company to be more efficient. Dick and his team came out to our location to work with us, show us the technology and help us streamline our operations. Put simply, he makes it easy for us to do business with CBC.

Lots of banks have locations near us, but they just can’t compare on service. There’s a level of trust that the ball will not get dropped. If something needs to happen, someone at CBC makes it happen. They continually focus on banking services for my business so I can focus on managing my business. It’s a perfect combination!


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