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Allen Radford
Jarco Commercial Real Estate

“I made my first loan when I was 12 years old. My paper route was my primary payment, and my Dad was the second. Since then, I have always pursued a personal relationship with whoever I bank with.

I chose the Commercial Bank of California as the bank for my company because even after 15 years of being their client, they still bend over backwards to provide the best service above what any other bank can offer.

Over the years, banking regulations have changed and can be tough to navigate. One thing I liked about the Commercial Bank of California is how they were able to adapt, maneuver through the regulations, and accommodate my business needs.

I would recommend CBC to anyone who is looking for a bank that offers personal treatment where you deal directly with a banker, not a committee. A bank who understands your business needs, accommodates an ever-changing landscape, and is focused on getting things done.”

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