Dee Menzies

Dee Menzies

Dee Menzies

My family and I have a long-standing relationship with Commercial Bank of California. I recently retired from Head of School at Carlthorp School in Santa Monica. As the Head of School, I worked closely with the team at CBC to meet our educational organization’s banking needs. 

In addition, our family also has a Limited Liability Company and we trust our business banking to the team at CBC. In fact, we recently moved several major accounts over to the bank because of the fine service and respect provided by the whole team at CBC. 

CBC offers solutions that are critical to our success. They recently helped our family business maximize its earnings through the CDARS program. We had capital not being used in the business and wanted to maximize returns in a safe manner. The FDIC insures deposits in banks, but coverage is limited to $250,000 per depositor. The CBC CDARS program was tailored to provide exactly what we needed:  full FDIC coverage on all our deposits, with enough liquidity to meet our needs. 

My husband and I also, do personal banking – highly professional, very respectful service. We feel that our deposits are safe. We don’t fear about hiccups in the economy due to the programs at CBC. Personal accounts receive the same direct attention as do our business accounts. On a personal level, we always feel highly regarded. 

Over the years, I have used several banks. You can tell after a short time whether they meet your needs. This why we do our banking with CBC. They understand our needs and partner with us to meet our goals. 

I am incredibly grateful for the responsive and customized service provided by Dick Lawrence, Rick Mateus and the entire CBC team. We appreciate that we can reach out at any time and their performance always demonstrates the utmost integrity by always placing the customer first. 

CBC is the total package – They offer highly personalized service, safety and security, plus the financial returns we depend on as business owners. 


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