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In the early 2000s, our organization was looking for a strong partner bank to facilitate our electronic payments through the Federal Reserve. CBC recognized the growing potential of electronic payments and partnered with us to drive payment programs forward on a national scale.

Today, with a lot of players in the space, the payments industry is going through rapid changes both from technological innovations and regulatory standards. CBC has been a valuable partner because they not only thoroughly understand the payments industry and the regulatory environment, but they’re dedicated to exploring and implementing new technologies to optimize business.

The CBC team has been closely involved with our business for so long that they feel like a true extension of our internal team. They are committed to us, to the payments industry and to being strong partners for payment processors going forward.

ACHWorks is a provider of sophisticated payment technology that facilitates the processing of commercial transactions through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. Their proprietary systems and software provide businesses secure and robust access to the ACH Network, either through flexible interface and integration to existing accounting platforms, as a function of software provided by our corporate partners or by way of the most basic stand-alone systems.

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