Rick Mateus

photo of Ricardo Mateus

Rick Mateus joined Commercial Bank of California in 2010 and is now the Senior Vice President and Regional Manager of the Santa Monica Office. He has over 35 years of experience in Community Banking. 

Mr. Mateus was an Organizer, Director and Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer of Encino State Bank from 1996 until the bank was sold and merged into First Private Bank & Trust in 2004. He then held the position of Director of Private Banking overseeing and managing a sales plan for all business development officers including Regional Managers and Private Bankers. His responsibilities included managing goals and objectives for major product lines, officer compensation and incentive plans along with client cross sell efforts. Prior to 1996, Rick held a variety of positions participating in policy and administrative management decisions.

He has served in various positions with associations and organizations such as the Encino Chamber of Commerce, International Guiding Eyes and Calabasas Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Mateus currently is a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica.

Mr. Mateus is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, American Institute of Banking, Madison.


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