Small Business Lending Practices in Today's Economy

The landscape of small-business lending is in perpetual flux, making it hard for many business owners to maintain consistent and reliable sources of capital funding. Even with government-backed SBA (Small Business Administration) loans and the constant changes in the eligibility  requirements – the uncertainty may leave business owners caught in the middle and unsure what their options truly are. 

Whether you've outgrown your current space or need to upgrade vital business assets, SBA loans can keep your business afloat – if you happen to be one of the fewer than 15% of small-business loan applicants that big banking institutions actually approve. That’s where we come in.

Improving the Landscape of SBA Loans

Low applicant approval rates at mainstream banks are often more the result of leadership tied to meeting investor interests that minimize the needs of their clients, even if it means only marginally higher profits for them.

What these mainstream banks don't tell you is that the SBA secures up to 75% of small-business loans in the event of default, substantially minimizing the risk to the lending institution.

A Lender Committed to Your Success

It's time you had a bank that invested as much in your interests as their own – as a private bank, we are proud that our shareholders have seen the long-term vision of community growth and aren’t rushing for a profit return. That's why the most reliable sources of lending come from a banking relationship that puts its clients’ needs on coequal footing and simplifies the loan process.

SBA loans are an incredibly advantageous source of financing that can set your business up for stability and long-term growth. Depending on the purpose of the loan, maturity periods of up to 25 years are available.

More Efficient & Successful SBA Applications

Commercial Bank of California's dedicated lending department is committed to facilitating over $60 million in small business loans in 2022. We also recently provided $240 million in paycheck protection loans to over 830 small businesses Cares Act Paycheck Protection Programacross the nation, having serviced every PPP-loan request received in 2020 and 2021.

With our extremely experienced lending team on your side, we guide clients through the SBA-application process to help them ensure their application stands the absolute highest possible chance of approval.

CBC Was Founded on Mutual Growth With Our Clients

Coupled with our new, totally in-house cashflow management and invoicing system, CBC's business account clients are now achieving increased financial business independence. For any questions or to get started, Contact Uscontact us and SBA Loansreach out to one of SBA Loan Specialists today. We once needed a financial institution to protect and manage our ambitions, and we aspire to be that institution for you.