OC’s Leading Small Business Bank for Customer Satisfaction

Work with the bank who’s focused on investing profits into new technology that will transform banking as you know it.

Commercial Bank of California’s foundation is routed in doing best for entrepreneurs and their businesses. If it means not turning away a single PPP loan request through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll do it. If it means reinvesting profits back into our technology to make your life better, we’ll do it. If it means being one of the first banks in America to accept Real Time Payments because it will revolutionize your cashflow, we’ll do it.

We are nimble and we are secure. Which isn’t something you typically hear from a bank. But that’s what happens when you have great leadership.

As one of Southern California’s strongest private banks, we can confidently say that we’re here to support your business for the long run in ways that you didn’t know you needed, with tools you didn’t know existed.

That’s how we’re transforming the way you think about banking.

Here is our purpose, vision and mission that we embody daily:

  • Our Purpose: To Promote Life Wealth
  • Our Vision: To Transform the Way You Think About Banking
  • Our Mission: To Empower Our Team, Clients and Communities

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Improve Your Cash flow with CBCashflow

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One of the most important aspects of your business is maintaining a strong cashflow. But too often, platforms like PayPal and Square hold on to your cash for several days after your customers have paid your invoice.

There’s a way you can bypass that. Thanks to some smart innovation, you can create invoices, send, accept and track it all directly from your business banking portal. And get paid directly.

That means less admin and waiting time so you can get… paid… faster.

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Navigating the Small Business Lending Landscape

The small business lending landscape is always changing. And many business owners have had a hard time securing funding in this current economic and lending environment. 

If you need money, you need a lender who is committed to you and your business, not only their bottom line or shareholder’s expectations.

You need a large, stable, private bank who is willing to be bold to support small businesses. That’s where we come in. At Commercial Bank of CA, we’re committed to funding more than $60 million in small business loans in the next year.

That’s more than most of the mega banks in Southern California.

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Mitigate Your Cyber Security Threats to Your Business

You hear about cyber security threats regularly. But did you know that these threats can bombard your business up to 500 times a day! That’s a lot to deal with – and most businesses can only investigate a small fraction of those.

Furthermore, 4 of 5 companies who gave in to ransomware demands were hit a second time. Don’t let this happen to you!

We want to protect our bank, and we want to protect our clients.

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Improve The Experience with you Bank with a Client Experience Team

Have you ever heard of a bank with a client experience team? A team whose sole purpose is to make your life easier in every interaction with your bank. Probably not.

That’s something you hear about from your favorite designer brand right? Never a bank.

But it may be the one thing that makes all the difference in the world to your business.

Well, we’ve changed that. If you want a bank that will not only help your business grow, but make your life easier, call us today to hear what it means to have a client experience team and how we’ve earned one of the highest client experience ratings for a bank.

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Leading the Banking Pack in Technology

Technology is our way of life now! Don’t get stuck with a bank that does things the old banking way…the slow-turning-ship way?

Make your life easier. Eliminate the friction. Remove the barriers to growth that bog you and your team down.

Find a bank with proprietary technology to help you grow. And I don’t mean an app or website portal where you can bank from any location. I mean actual tool that will make a meaningful difference in your business life.

These tools, and those banks exist.

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