Practical Tips and Inspiration from CBC’s Client Experience Team

A key difference between CBC and most banks is that CBC advocates and administers throughout the company the importance of having a Client Experience (CX) team that works to exceed expectations at every client touchpoint. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves – the industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS) that indicates excellence in service and customer care is 31. Our NPS is 81. 

We believe that our clients are our partners – your success is our success! Our CX-driven approach helps us streamline the overall client experience, eliminate friction, anticipate needs and provide the best financial technology products available to help you move your business forward. We’re here for our clients with a smile on our faces, ready to dive in! 

Here are some practical tips and pieces of inspiration that our team uses to best serve our clients’ needs:

  • Take a deep breath and review the situation. A clear head and a client-first mentality will lead to success all around. Get to know the people you are working with and working for – we’re all in this together with the same goals in mind!
  • Step back and strategize. Our goal is to help you move your business forward with the highest level of service and solutions in the industry. Each member of the CBC has this goal in mind, stepping back to anticipate needs and provide clients with the fintech products that will positively impact all business and financial decisions – even before you realize you need them!
  • Eliminate friction. Individuals and businesses are busier than ever with distractions and day-to-day survival. Removing the roadblocks to communication and productivity is key – do clients prefer to be contacted via email or phone? How can we help clients be effective and efficient with both their money and their time? CBC is here to be your partner, not just your banker. 
  • Smile! One of the most important client experience tips is to smile and engage with your clients. 

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