Third-Party Payment Processors

As a bankcard processor or ISO, you know that having a reliable banking partner is essential to your success. Commercial Bank of California is the best solution for your credit card processing needs:

Unmatched service and accessibility

CBC delivers the fast, effective payments that are the lifeblood of your business. We also provide processors with the personal service, accessibility, and adaptability that you can only receive from a dedicated business bank. CBC clients enjoy prompt access to key decision makers at the highest levels, and our specialized client representatives stand ready to personally handle inquiries and resolve problems.

Extensive Experience

CBC delivers the knowledge and expertise that can only come with experience. Ranked among the nation’s top 50 ODFIs, CBC brings you the benefit of our years of processing experience with both traditional and non-traditional merchants.

Omni-Channel Payments Acceptance

CBC is a member of all card brands, allowing you to offer one-stop access to the leading card brands and ACH to merchants across the United States.

Unique BINs and ICAs

At CBC, we understand the need for segregated BIN and ICA sponsorships for your payment processing. For this reason, we offer the option of having your own BIN and ICA, giving you a direct relationship with CBC as your sponsor / acquiring bank. This allows you greater control over how you manage, build and maintain your payment processing business. It also enables you to provide superior pricing and service compared to competitors who operate using a shared, indirect processor arrangement.

Weekend processing

If you and your clients are working over the weekend, why shouldn’t your bank? Our weekend processing option further enhances your relationship with existing and prospective processors, thanks to the improved cash flow which this option provides.


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