The Importance of Having a Client Experience Program


While most banks provide their clients with helpful tools to improve customer experiences, Commercial Bank of California takes it a step further. CBC is one of the few California banks that advocates and administers the importance of having a Client Experience program and a dedicated Client Experience (CX) Team that works to exceed expectations at every client touchpoint.

We believe that by investing in a CX team whose mission is client advocacy and whose focus is to monitor the client's engagement with the bank continually, we can continually elevate the client experience.

The mission of a client experience program goes beyond client satisfaction or simply doing the right thing for the client. Rather, it is about proactively streamlining the client (you!) experience, eliminating friction, anticipating your needs and providing you financial technology products that positively impact your business and financial decisions – even before you realize you need them. 


The Importance of Engaging With Clients

Clients rely on us to be more than a banker, but an advisor — it is up to our CX team to keep our greater team informed with the newest ideas, opportunities, regulations, technologies and more to streamline and optimize each clients experience. By doing so, we can provide an end-to-end, frictionless experience to clients.

CBC firmly believes that being intuitive to your clients' needs leads to client loyalty. Making them feel valued, respected and appreciated enriches the relationship.

Creating strategic goals with our clients and monitoring those goals provides CBC more opportunities to engage with you – that's where the CX team comes in. Design with the end in mind. We do that so the client's take-away will be an incredibly positive experience.

As client expectations grow, we are committed to continually evolving and improving the client experience with all CBC team members. Our CX team operates in unison with our entire CBC team to evolve in lockstep with those expectations to create an unforgettable client experience.


Friction vs. Frictionless — Mapping Pain Points

Friction refers to pain points that clients experience in a brand journey, regardless of the industry. These experiences can have a long-term effect on a client's relationship with any company; it may even cause some clients to quit working with a company altogether.


Use comprehensive data collection methods 

Client experience directly impacts any company’s bottom line. With suitable data collection apps, businesses can empower their CX teams to take the most effective, transformative, and informed actions to achieve the best results for your business and generate outstanding client experiences for your clients and employees. This is what we’ve done at CBC.


Mapping a client journey takes effort. We took the following vital steps:

1.    Identify and understand the most critical touchpoints

2.    Get our clients' point of view on their experience

3.    Listen and take into consideration client feedback

4.    Listen to their "best and worst experiences"

5.    Sort out the touchpoints—not every experience is as impactful as others

6.    Take your team members' perspectives into consideration

7.    Leverage data outside of surveys


Identify and remedy friction


Creating a frictionless experience for our clients was our goal. This is why we believed it was essential to have a client experience program that can detect friction, help our team members get to the root cause and expediently correct the issues. Ultimately, this has resulted in improved client experiences and relationships. And we’re so honored to have the strong relationships we do.


Understand touchpoints


An essential factor in the reduction of friction is to know and understand which touchpoints mattered to our clients. By having a clear understanding of these touchpoints, we were able to solve those problems immediately.


Putting it all together


Understanding pain points enables us to formulate solutions, implement them, and review the feedback to see how they are working. Our experienced CX team members can then point to those changes and efficacy when establishing the worth of our client experience program.

By approaching all of this data against a backdrop of operational and financial information, we have created a 360-degree view of our clients and their experiences, as well as an understanding what our organization can leverage to boost relationship, reduce friction and create substantially improved experiences.


CBC's Unique Approach to Business


We Value Leadership — We are a Trusted Advisor
Our holistic approach is what helps our clients manage and grow their businesses. 


We Value Relationships — We are a Committed Partner
We partner in our clients' successes, and we partner in their struggles. 


We Value Innovation — We are Fearless
We are relentless learners and innovators.


We Value Loyalty — We are Accountable
We believe that a bank partnership should be a partnership for life.


At CBC, we're dedicated to your purpose and are fearlessly leading the way in fintech solutions for businesses of all sizes. Learn how we're transforming the way you think about banking. Contact us today, and let's talk about how we can help your business grow.



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