Commercial Bank of California Receives BauerFinancial 5-Star Rating for 21st Consecutive Quarter

commercial bank of california rated five stars by bauer, emblem

We are proud to announce that BauerFinancial, an independent institution that uses a strict barometer to rate all banks and all credit unions, has ranked CBC with the highest rating of 5-Stars for its fifth consecutive year. 

Bauer Financial evaluated the health of each of the below to determine a bank’s rating: 

  • Number of employees
  • Total assets
  • Average tangible assets
  • Tier 1 capital
  • Leverage capital ratio
  • CET 1 ratio
  • Total risk-based capital ratio
  • Current quarter’s profit (loss)
  • Year-to-date profit (loss)
  • Profit (loss) previous calendar year
  • Profit (loss) 2 calendar years ago
  • Return on assets (annualized) 
  • Return on equity (annualized)
  • Delinquent loans
  • Other real estate owned
  • Nonperforming assets as a % of tangible assets 
  • Nonperforming assets as a % of Tier 1 capital 

Star Ratings:

BauerFinancial star ratings classify each institution based upon a complex formula factoring in current and historical data. BauerFinancial employs conservative measures when assigning these ratings and consequently their analysis may be lower than those supplied by other analysts or the institutions themselves. More than thirty years of experience has shown this to be a prudent course of action. As a general guideline, however, the following groupings were used:

5-Stars – Superior (These institutions are recommended by Bauer)

4-Stars – Excellent (These institutions are recommended by Bauer)

3 ½ -Stars – Good

3-Stars – Adequate

2-Stars – Problematic

1-Star – Troubled

Zero-Stars – Our lowest rating

BauerFinancial has been analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry since 1983. Through the years Bauer Financial has earned the reputation of “the nation’s bank rating service.” Now, more than a quarter of a century later, hundreds of newspapers depend on these ratings for their readers.