CBC Announces 2020 Net Promoter Score via Qualtrics

CBC is proud to announce our 2020 Net Promoter Score (NPS) via Qualtrics. We have conducted this analysis internally since 2018 and are excited to share the results with you, our trusted customers and colleagues. For reference, the SurveyMonkey global benchmark for NPS of over 160,000 businesses is 31. This year our team garnered a score of 81, with nearly 90% of our customers being "very satisfied" with our services and expertise, and 94% of customers rating their experience of "very high quality" and "high quality." With this exciting score, CBC is in the top 25% of businesses.

Here are our previous Net Promoter Scores:

  • 2020: NPS of 81
  • 2019: NPS of 75
  • 2018: NPS of 78

For more information on the Net Promoter Score via Qualtrics, click here.