Ash Patel Presents to CSUF Finance and Banking Students

Earlier this month, our President & CEO Ash Patel spoke to students and faculty at California State University Fullerton’s School of Risk Management and Insurance. Ash was invited by Dr. Weili Lu, Director & Finance Professor at the School of Risk Management and Insurance within the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics at California State University Fullerton.

After reading an article in the Orange County Business Journal on CBC’s noteworthy progress and acceleration to over $1B in assets and a 60% growth in employees under Mr. Patel's leadership, Dr. Lu inquired to see if he would consider coming to the CSUF campus to speak to their finance and banking students. 

Dr. Lu commented after after the event: "So many students were deeply impressed by your entrepreneur spirit and your resilient leadership….After your lecture, there were at least 8 students who came to me and wanted our career advisor to support and assist them in working for a business leader like you...You motivated myself and many others to give back to our community, which is a lesson that can’t be taught in textbooks, but only by life experience alone.”

Mr. Patel was accompanied by CBC HR Representative Char Patronite to recruit students from the event for job openings and internship opportunities at the bank.