Arshad Rokerya on General Business Lending

Arshad Rokerya was recently featured in a "CBC Business Tip of the Week" during a recent segment of Showbiz India TV series.  

The small business lending landscape is always changing. And many business owners have had a hard time securing funding in this current economic and lending environment.  

We're here to tell you – is doesn’t have to be that way.

If you need money, you need a lender who is committed to you and your business, not only their bottom line or shareholder’s expectations. 

You need a large, stable, private bank who is willing to be bold to support small businesses. 

That’s where we come in. At Commercial Bank of CA, we’re committed to funding more than $60M in small business loans in the next year. 

That’s more than banks like Union Bank, Wells Fargo and the CDC Small Business Financeare doing!

If you need a bank who’s going to partner with you and not turn you away at the door, give us a call. 


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