About Us

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Commercial Bank of California (CBC) is one of the nation’s highest capitalized banks.  A full-service, FDIC-insured, community bank headquartered in Irvine, California, CBC is owned, built and run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Local business leaders such as William Lyon, Paul Folino, and Alex Meruelo serve on the Board of Directors. Inspired by the best practices and experience of the Meruelo Group, CBC specializes in delivering customized, highly personalized banking services to small and mid-sized California businesses and entrepreneurs.


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CBC was founded over a decade ago and today has one of the highest capital ratios in the country, as well as a talented and dedicated team of bankers. In 2013, the bank began executing a new strategic plan designed to power its growth for the next decade. To realize that vision, the bank strengthened its executive management team. In September 2013 the bank replaced founding President & CEO Bala Balkrishna with Ash Patel, a well-respected senior banker. In late 2014, Paul Folino became Chairman of the Board, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership to the Board of Directors at CBC. To complete the new executive management team, Viktor Uehlinger joined the bank as Chief Financial Officer in January of 2015.



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New leadership has brought new dynamism to the bank. CBC’s management team immediately implemented an innovative strategic plan to transform CBC into a $1 billion bank over the next five years. The bank has also focused on creating an entrepreneurial culture to better serve and anticipate the needs of business owners. New products such as IRA accounts and flexible time deposits, as well as expanded SBA loan capabilities, have been introduced. All these changes are intended to help CBC grow organically and achieve its five-year goals.