Tony Shap

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Tony Shap serves our banking customers through his collaborative effort with each of the offices by offering value added services (Merchant Services) to the clients directly. Tony’s goal is to grow revenues through greater penetration of direct bank merchant businesses as well as create programs to help explore new sales sources such as the 1099 Independent Sales Agent program.

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Executive Management Team

Ash Patel
Ash Patel
President and Chief Executive Officer
photo of Christopher Colella
Christopher Colella
Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
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Neel Pinge
EVP, Chief Risk Officer
photo of Jay Jannise
Jay Jannise
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Technology Officer
photo of Tom McCullough
Thomas McCullough
EVP, Executive Administration
photo of Houri Wartanian
Houri Vartanian Simon
Executive Vice President, Payments Solutions
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Scott Schneider
EVP, Chief Information Security Officer
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Kitty Payne
EVP, Chief Financial Officer